Sgt  James  Anderson
Sgt Anderson was the !st PBR Maintenance NCO, that the
458th had. With just the basics of Training from the Navy in maintaining PBRs, he was able to keep the 458th operat-
     I never knew Sgt Anderson, but I have known a lot of
good maintenance NCOs. They all had one thing in common. A natural ability ! The next-door kid with the old Flat Head Ford, and stacks of Hotrod and Popular Mechanics magazines !
Point of interest; Jeannie Anderson in her 1st email to me mentioned that her husband had been wounded in a ambush. When I 1st read this I am thinking PBRs, I can not remember any stories about one of our PBRs caught in a ambush.
Then I recalled that I had heard talk of a jeep with two men in it that had been
shot up. I mentioned this to Jeannie, yes that was incident, she even gave me the name of the jeep driver.
Not only was Sgt Anderson a good maintence nco, he would have made a good supply sgt. Just a few days before he had stole the jeep.

Sgt Anderson late 67, early 68
Sgt Anderson pointing to one of the many bullet holes, results of a road ambush, just out of Vung Tau