Membership Requirements.

We will need some sort of verification from you. A copy of orders, 201 file, pictures taken while with the 458th,  having a present member vouch for you.

Also will need the dates you were with the unit and at what detachments.
Past Service in the 458th (1943 – 1977)
Past service in the 344th LARC Company (1965 – 1966)
18th MP Brigade members who served on the 458th PBR’s
Verification of service (orders, photo’s, someone who remembers you)

Snail mail address and phone number also e-mail address if you have one. (This information is only released to other members)

Friends of the 458th may join as “Associate Members” at the same rate as regular members. Membership must be approved by the Board.

Types of membership

Members in good-standing (dues are paid)
Unlike most organizations, becoming a paid member is not a requirement.

Members in good standing will receive periodic e-mail alerts and updates concerning the 458th (new members, announcements, newsletters, etc.) May Vote, run for office, participate in various web polls. Your suggestions and recommendations will be listened to and forwarded to the elected officers.

It is recognized that for some paying dues can be a hardship, we do not want to lose a member for the want of a dollar. Ever since we formed the organization in July 2006 this has been a written in stone policy of the 458th.  All it takes is a note to one of the elected officers stating that you would like to become a member but simply can’t afford it. We will get you listed as a member in good standing.

Inactive Members (dues not paid)
Are welcome to attend all special functions, may request another members contact information, your contact information will be given to other members if it is in our database.
Are not on the 458th mailing list, your contact information will be updated if submitted. Bitches, complaints, suggestions are stored in file 13.  If money is the problem, refer to the above paragraph please.


1 year   $20.00

3 years $45.00     

Life  $195.00

Bill Northrop
Phone: 605-339-3381


Lee Helle
509 732 8824