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Joseph Baptist               Qui Nhon  69-70
Jerry Wallace    Qui Nhon  69-71
Jim Anderberg  Cat Lai,  Newport   69-71
Jim Brady  Saigon,  Qui Nhon   68-69
Jim Farmer  DiAn  Cat Lai  70-71
Jimmie Jones  Cam Rhon,  Vung Tau  67-68

                                                             July 27 1968 article. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

July 1968 I was stationed at Lai Khe, I read this article and as I was due for a re-enlistment this is how two months later I found myself in the 458th............Lee

If you can id anyone on this page save the photo to your desk top and email me the photo with your identification and which page the photo came from,     thanks    my email

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