Below are four  photos courtesy of Jimmy Bryant and the US Navy
                                Photo by  Hutch early 69
    Jolly Green Giant about to land on the deck of Harnett County.
    Ben Luc Bridge in background, River is Vamco Dong
I have been collecting midi files from the net for several years.  At the bottom of this page is a midi that I found last fall.
The name of this midi is Viet Nam. If you want to hear it you will have to right click and then click
I do not like this Midi, so for those of
you who have met the enemy I would recommend, either not play or be ready to click it off, and for those of you who have been lucky enough not to have met  the
enemy, perhaps you should listen.......Lee
this midi loads slow,wait till whitebar is at least 1/2 way