One of three PBR Hulls at the Kenosha Military Museum, Pictures were taken by Peter Sellers former CO of the 458th. The museum plans to rebuild at least one of the hulls.

Below is a message sent by Pete 11 Nov 2002

Talked with the staff (Kenosha Military Museum).
- Mark Sonday  email Mark

Engines are running and the jets are functioning (out of the water).

They plan to have one boat in the water around the 25th.

They asked that no visitors arrive there then 'cause this will be the first
shakeout ... (I supposed they don't want to be embarrassed if they forgot to put in a plug or sumthin' like that).

They would like to stay in contact.

When they know they can (strut their stuff) show the boat(s), they'd like to
have as many of us as possible to be there for a celebration.

Time's approachin' to talk, kinda serious-like about a reunion ... 458th

Be well....Pete

Pete with one of the museum hulls

Pete 1967

I have several emails from Pete concerning his memories from Vietnam, you will find a link to them on the members page.

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